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what is saltarsmart 3.0.0

what is saltar smart 3.0.0

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Question-nr.: 5196 • Category: Computers & Internet Others
Asked by: Anonymous •  25.08.2013 
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Answer-Nr.: 5205 •  30.08.2013 
Answered by: Anonymous 
from what I can tell, it is adware.
You may have found recently that adds are popping up in your browser at the bottom of the screen. The most worrying add is the one that says "your PC is about to crash..." and nearly lured my kids into clicking on which point I freaked out as I have tried to educate my kids on the hazards of clicking things if they are not 100% sure what they are.

MacAfee identifies this as a "PUP"...a potentially unwanted program. I'm not sure how this got onto my machine. I suspect it was by installing minecraft -- though as I did not accept any of the non-minecraft options (and did a custom install), I am pretty cross this was installed anyway. Otherwise, I haven't installed anything in ages.

I recommend getting rid of it, unless you are certain you have installed it for good reason.
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